Throw Back Thursday: Ying Hua Hair for Genesis 2 Female(s)

A super sleek hair inspired by a style used in Far East high fashion catwalk. I loved how neat the original was, all perfect lines and not a hair out of place. It was obviously inspired in early styles of ethnic millinery, which you might recognise on the shape of the updo if you’ve watched enough of their historical dramas.

Alas, I think it was a bit ahead of its time in terms of style, as I made it back when only people who watched anime or “pretentious arthouse films” would be that familiar with the aesthetics, and Netflix was still sending you DVDs in the post.

These days I would probably not do the super-neat version as most people would find it unnatural, regardless of how “artificial” catwalk looks actually are, and of course the textures and shaders could probably do with some tweaking. Regardless, it was a set I really enjoyed working on, and I still love the look of the style.

If you like Ying Hua, you can still find it at my store at DAZ

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