Throw Back Thursday: Sylvan Jewels

Well this is definitely a TBT! My very first commercial product, Sylvan Jewels for one of Fabiana’s products for Aiko3. I loved this set so much, and I put in a LOT of work to have very different styles for each of the five textures I included.

The concept was to base each set around a gemstone or colour palette (something I kept later for all of the Brotherhood sets I created for Luthbel’s and my own products). I took a long while to put together as I was still learning the ropes around things like displacements, but I am still proud of all the detail I strived to include in them. And it’s one outfit that if I could find a real life version for myself, or sew one, I would totally wear!

Looking back at it all, the renders could have been better, and I’ve come a long way, but I still have a little place in my heart for these. ❤

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