Throw Back Thursday: Undead Wizard Outfit for Genesis 3 Male(s)Throw Back Thursday:

This outfit was a commission from DAZ3D for their Vampire Mathius release. It was a lot of fun to texture. Lots of detail, which I love, and the chance to create both oppulent textures befitting an evil court wizard climbing his way up the ladder to total world domination, and the titular undead wizard resurrected from the pits it was last seen falling into.

If I remember correctly, I created the brocades myself. The bones were textured using a mix of stock photography, photos of roasted lamb and chicken bones, and that of the teeth of my much beloved and much missed siamese cat.

If you are interested in textures like these for your projects, send me an email and we can talk!

You can still buy this outfit at the DAZ Store

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