Throw Back Thursday: Moonlight Bliss

When preparing to work on this product, I’d received a brief that suggested this would be a flapper dress. So I checked out my books, looked for original outfits at the Met and the V&A for inspiration for colours, materials and patterns, and got a few roaring 20s songs lined up in my player to listen to while working.

Turns out the outfit was more vaguely-flapper-inspired and less historical outfit: it has a shaped bodice that ends on the upper hips, the slit would have been completely scandalous, the stilettoes didn’t exist with that shape… so it was a fun exercise to adapt the inspirations I had gathered into a different style of dress.

The particular version you see on the right was created using assuit from my own textiles collection, and digitally manipulated to create a rich -and authentic- pattern. Assuit is a metal embroidery technique from turn of the century Egypt, that became popular during the Egyptian Revival between 1880-1930. Assuit shawls became popular souvenirs for travellers at the time, and were sometimes turn into outfits.

This was, I believe, my last commission for DAZ.

If you are interested in textures like these for your projects, send me an email and we can talk!

You can still buy this outfit at the DAZ Store

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