About Me

I used to be a professional web developer who enjoyed creating pretty pictures in her spare time. Now, while I still enjoy a bit of web development here and there, I am a full time 3D artist.

I always loved creating images, and when the time came for it, I studied design in University. Digital media provided the perfect mix for my love of computers and image creation. This has branched out in two: my professional activity for years with my web development job, and my gallery first, then modelling and texturing later, that you can see in this website.

These days I work primarily creating assets for DAZ Studio, and sell them through the DAZ3D store. I am a clothing, hair and props modeller and do not model figures.

I live in the South coast of England with my husband and two cats, and I am available for commissions, both for modeling, texturing and image creation.

Thank you for dropping by.

Tools of the Trade
All my work is created using a combination of several programs. I use the whole of Adobe’s Creative Design Suite extensively, in particular Photoshop and Illustrator. I model using Maxon’s Cinema 4D, with a little help here and there from Zbrush. My renders are done mostly in Poser and DAZ|Studio, as those are the programs I create content for, but it’s not unknown for me to plop renders in Vue, or C4D.