Throw Back Thursday: Numinous for Anunnaki

Numinous was probably one of my favourite sets to work on. It was created as an expansion set for @luthbel ‘s Anunnaki, and to add in mixing and matching components between this and previous Luthbel’s sets, and also included extra props: Heka (egyptian crook), Nekhakha (Egyptian Flail) and Khopesh (sickle swords) for left and right hands.

The khopesh was also part of the Keeper of the Veil outfit I’d released around the same time, set but the crook and flail were entirely new props. I’ve always been fascinated with the Egyptian culture and this was a great way of adding a bit of extra flare to what was an amazingly detailed set.

I did however not follow strict historical accuracy as the base set was openly fantasy, and the integration with other sets meant that I would need to use Chinese, Turkish, South Pacific, and even Art Nouveau influences.

Get it at DAZ: Numinous

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