Versailles Tail

Versailles Tail is inspired by the wig fashion of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, but created to resemble the hairstyles these wigs were replacing.

Versailles Hair has also been planned both in design and material zones for customization and versatility. Is your character a servant and not part of the court? Put the back tail in the bag. If court life isn’t what you’re after, Versailles Hair can turn into a low ponytail for your fantasy renders, just by replacing the curls with the side strands. Want a more luxurious tail? Just load a second tail from the props folder to add thickness. The extra props and invisibility morphs and poses will allow you to get the most out of this truly multipurpose hairstyle.

Versailles Tail hair includes normal and very high poly versions of the items, for alternating between full body shots and closeups or portraits.

Versaiiles Tail was purchased by DAZ3D to be sold as a DAZ original and is available here.

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