Keeper of the Veil

Ancient stories tell of guardians appointed to look over the Veil between the realms of the living and the dead. These fearsome warriors would keep and enforce the balance, looking over boundaries, and defending the inhabitants of both, fighting against those who would break their rules.

Keeper of the Veil is a clothing, props and hair set for Luthbel’s Lycanthropos original figure. Inspired by mythological figures, it’s been designed to be versatile, providing several different fantasy outfits for the Werewolf. The set provides six conforming clothing items, one hair prop, three smart props, all with morphs to fit the Lycanthropos’ full body morphs, and added movement and styling morphs for more natural posing. The set uses advanced materials in Poser, and also provides a full set of custom material presets using DAZ Studio’s native shaders. There is an extra set of advanced material presets for those who have Elite Human Surface Shader. You do not need Elite HSS to use this set in Studio.

Keeper of the Veil is available at DAZ3D

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