Dawnrazor: Mourning Brotherhood

Take Mourning Sun firmly into the realm of high fantasy with this texture set expansion. Allow your imagination to soar, and allow your new clothing set to be use for fantasy scenes, and combined with popular items like Luthbel’s Wildenlander and Cobalt Hierophant for M4.

Dawnrazor takes the distinct elements of Mourning Sun and re-textures them, to be used as stand alone. The added bonus and a real strength, however, is that it also allows you to combine this outfit with Arien’s Wild Brotherhood and Arcane Brotherhood texture sets, to create an array of fantasy clothing with similar but distinct looks. Give your Wildenlander a long, flowing skirt to go under the armor; or use the hood from Cobalt Hierophant to add an air of mystery, use Mourning Sun on its own, or combined with pants and boots for civilian clothing. Make your Michael 4 fantasy wardrobe feel three times larger than before!

Dawnrazor offers six full texture sets at very high resolution, and using complex shaders in both Poser and DAZ Studio, with included bump, specular and displacement maps, to create rich and realistic materials.
Two sets of DAZ Studio materials included, for DAZ Studio’s own basic shaders, and Human Surface Shader.

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