Old Downloads

If you are landing on this page, it’s because you tried to access one of the old downloads. I’ve decided to remove most of the old downloads from the website after years of offering them. This is entirely an operational decision, but if you still need any of these files for whatever reason, head over to the Arien Graphics page on Facebook and shoot me a message, and I will send you a link to download from an external website.

If you want to see what is still available for download, head over to the downloads pages

The list of files that following files are no longer available for download from this site:

  • For Aiko 3
    • Seidr for Fredrik’s Freja
    • Vashti for Fredrik’s Djinni
    • Cherubim for Aiko 3
    • Aiko Eve
  • For Victoria 4
    • Cherubim dress for V4
    • Victoria 4 – Eve
    • Reby Sky fits for Mourning Moon Footwear
    • HSS materials for Fosaken Queens
    • Lisa and Okami X Studio mats
    • Morph Expansion pack for Roxana’s Corset
  • For Michael 4
    • Yule Tidings
    • Mourning Sun morph expansion pack
    • Michael 4 Bodysuit Morph Expansion
    • Ludus Sword Brotherhood extras
    • Cobalt Hierophant Morph Expansion
    • Numinous, Poser 6 materials
    • Byson HSS settings
  • For other figures
    • Grim – Corrections
    • Wyrd Systers Hair Fits