I used to have a contact form in this page but I had to remove it due to abuse. If you need to get in touch with me, please access the Arien Graphics Facebook page, and send me a message through there. I will endeavour to answer as soon as possible, but please allow for a reasonable time for answering.

Paid Product Support
Keep in mind that this is not for paid product support; paid product support is offered by DAZ 3D, and should be directed through their support form: go here, to search for a possible answer, or open a ticket. Make sure to include as much detail as possible. If after a reasonable time (up to 5 working days) you haven’t received at least an acknowledgement of your request, please let me know, but usually you should have at least a return email saying they’ve received your query.

Freebie Support
I am afraid that it is not possible for me to offer support for my freebies in general; I will answer support requests for freebies if I am available, but keep in mind that response time might not be fast. If you are here looking for the older freebies, please read this

Thank you!