Saturday February 25th 2017


If you need to get in touch with me, please use the form below. I will endeavour to answer as soon as possible, but please allow for a reasonable time for answering.

Paid Product Support
Keep in mind that this is not for paid product support; paid product support is offered by DAZ 3D, and should be directed through their support form: go here, and select “Contact Us”, then “Contact Us” again in the tabs (middle tab) and fill in the details. Make sure to include as much detail as possible, and remember that after pressing “Continue”, you will have a confirmation screen; you need to do the final submission here or else the support request won’t be sent. If after a reasonable time (up to 4 working days) you haven’t received at least an acknowledgement of your request, please let me know, but usually you should have at least a return email saying they’ve received your query.

Freebie Support
I am afraid that it is not possible for me to offer support for my freebies in general; I will answer support requests for freebies if I am available, but keep in mind that response time might not be fast.

Thank you!