Saturday March 25th 2017

Companion Wyrm reloaded

Let’s first acknowledge that this is redistributing a modified version of Fredrik’s Companion Wyrm, under his own license, and eternal thanks go to him for the critter.
There are several changes in this version:

  • Wyrm was remapped, with better relaxing of the UVs and friendlier setup for 3D painting and sculpting programs
  • changes in the mesh to eliminate problems on the face
  • changes in the rigging

In addition to the above, the files include a full set of textures, entirely new, and relevant Poser and DAZ Studio material settings. These I’ve created myself in Zbrush and Photoshop.

Because of the free nature of the original, this “updated” version is also free, and usable for commercial renders, like all my other freebies. However, also like all my other freebies, I am *not* allowing redistribution or resale of meshes/textures; this is different from the original Wyrm’s licensing, so please keep that in mind. For almost everybody this won’t make any difference whatsoever, but it’s worth noting (so, no mesh used in games, or the like; if you want to use the Wyrm for resale/redistribution, you are still perfectly fine using Fredrik’s original, just please respect my wishes and do not redistribute this modified version).