Saturday March 25th 2017

Grim – corrections

This was done as a request from the DAZ forums, as a fix for the Grim’s pants, that had a long standing issue of dissapearing when conformed. What you need to know if you’ve never used RTE before. First of all, unzip the file somewhere where you can find the contents. Then:

  1. open RTE enconder
  2. Select “Decode” and using the button navigate towards your GrimCorrectedRuntime.rte file
  3. Select “Key File” and using the button navigate towards “Runtime\Geometries\DAZPeople\blGrim.obj”
  4. Select “Save as” and save as

You’ll then have to unzip the resulting file onto the runtime you’ve got Grim installed. It will create a folder called “Grim Working” in the character library. This folder includes two cr2s: one of the working Grim, and one of the working pants, cleaned up so there’s no IK chains, and no extraneous bodyparts that are not necessary, like shoulders, eyes and head.

The jps of the pants are still a bit wonky -they’re the original ones, haven’t touched those- so you might want to turn his hips, buttocks and thighs invisible when using the pants. Otherwise the pokethroughs is nothing you can’t correct with a magnet.

This has only been tested quickly in Poser7. I can’t support this fix, as it was done just for something I needed myself, but I thought others having the same issue would appreciate having something that works better, even if there are still a few quirks.

Grim pants download link

Grim pants corrected download link